20 Valentine's DIY Gift Ideas for Boyfriend (2024)

Valentine’s homemade gift ideas for boyfriends can be just what you need to exercise your DIY skills. These are crafts that allow you to personalize gifts for your husband or boyfriend during this romantic period.

Depending on your skill, the perfect DIY gift is just the right indication of how much you adore and value your better half. What’s more, amazing DIY gifts can also be your work-at-home business catalog.

The best part is that homemade crafts are sentimental, allowing them to fetch higher prices than mass-produced holiday gifts.

There are plenty of ideas to choose from when looking for thoughtful Valentine’s Day crafts; from wood and paper to metal and glass, there are enough materials to help you create handmade items.

To help you choose, this post highlights unforgettable gifts that are easy to create, with room for incorporating a personal touch.

So, what are the best Valentine Day gifts for a boyfriend? Take your pick below:

Best DIY Valentines Gifts for Boyfriend

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You don’t need years of craftsmanship to make cute DIY crafts. All you need is the right equipment, materials, and an online tutorial to get started. You can also take advantage of printable crafts that only require prowess in the digital manipulation of templates on platforms such as Canva.

Some of the best homemade presents for men include:

1. Romantic Valentines Homemade Scrapbook

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Looking to rekindle all the past Valentines? A romantic scrapbook is one of the best presents to help you and your boyfriend relive your happy moments.

The idea may seem cheeky but think of the wonderful time you can have remembering your first dinner date. This is made possible by pictures, stickers of shared chats, and other memorabilia.

You can make a simple scrapbook using cardstock paper, glue, and stickers. For sale, you can offer custom scrapbooks with blank pages with headings and prompts for couples.

2. Extra Special Valentine Coupons

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Looking for something out of the ordinary on February 14th? What about coupons that get you a back rub, foot massage, piggyback ride, or love letter?

Designing coupons is easy using software like Canva, Dribbble, and Adobe. The templates also allow you to decorate the gift with Valentine Day symbols like hearts and roses.

3. Valentine Date Night DIY Gift Jar

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This is another easy DIY Valentine gift for your boyfriend. The craft is as simple as it sounds; a mason jar filled with Valentine date night suggestions.

To keep the gift stylish, opt for a mason jar that’s decorated with Valentine Dat stickers.

You then need to write the desired activities on tiny pieces of paper, tied into cute scrolls using ribbons or twine. The paper can also be small hearts.

As a couple, you will have fun not knowing what your spouse is about to commit to. This DIY Valentine’s Day gift idea also works for kids with suggestions such as seeing a movie or getting a new game!

4. Wine Gift Basket

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Source: Etsy // SheisaVibe

Valentine’s Day gifts for boyfriend would be incomplete with wine. So, if you know his taste, present him with 2 or 3 bottles of fine red or white wine.

Since you are going for a combo, ensure your choices of wine pair well. Also, go further to personalize the basket using heart-shaped decorations, personal messages on stickers, and ribbons.

5. I Love You Because Board

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Looking for a perfect gift to remind your boyfriend of the reasons why you love him? Try your hand at a homemade I Love You Because Board.

This is simply a framed board highlighting things you love about your man. A picture frame, scrapbook paper, paint, and brush are all you need to create the board.

You can also glue glitter on the frame to bedazzle the gift.

6. You & Me DIY Photo Frame

20 Valentine's DIY Gift Ideas for Boyfriend (7)

If you love the look of a digital photo collage, then you are going to love making a You & Me Photo board. As one of the most romantic Valentine’s Day presents, the frame is cheap and easy to make.

First off, you can get a free printable photo frame online or create the item using software like Adobe. However, you need to use a Cricut machine to assemble and cut the different elements.

7. Open When Letters

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Finding the perfect gift ideas for men can be tasking. This makes super easy presents like Open When letters the best last-minute gifts.

The idea requires that you write a short letter that is to be opened at a specified time or situation. Romantic notes can also help pad the gift as well as a rustic envelope to encase the letter.

To keep the romance going, come up with “Open When” ideas such as You’re Angry With Me or You Want to Give Up On Us; who to say the letter won’t save your relationship?

Awesome Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

With a little ingenuity, you can create a stunning Valentine’s gift for your better half. The different gifts in this category can serve as a keepsake that lasts for years to come. This calls for great craftsmanship to ensure a durable craft. Such romantic gifts include:

8. DIY Light Bulb Jar

20 Valentine's DIY Gift Ideas for Boyfriend (9)

I found this cute light bulb with a lid that can filled with different decorations. The product is available on Amazon and can hold small items like beads, ribbons, trinkets, and small scrolls.

To create the gift, write short notes with sweet sayings and use them to fill the jar. The next step is to add other light decorations to create a stunning gift before you screw back the jar.

9. Valentine Pullout Memory Photo Box

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This is an elegant gift made with just photos and a small pine box. The ingenuity of the gift is that it doubles as a home decor item that you can place on a mantle or bookshelf.

What’s more, the photo box can include focal memories of your relationship including anniversaries, dates, and other life moments. Depending on the size of the box, you can include around 10 to 30 explosion photos.

10. Movie Night Box

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This is one of the easiest DIY Valentines Day gifts to make from home. It’s just a rustic wooden box with the words “Movie Night” and a clapperboard logo.

You can add a heart shape to decorate the box, in line with the day’s theme of love. The fun part of the gift is filling it with treats that you enjoy as a couple.

To cap it all off, wrap the gifts so that your partner is surprised every time they pick a treat. Lastly, remember to choose a great romantic film for a great movie night!

11. The 5 Senses Gifts

20 Valentine's DIY Gift Ideas for Boyfriend (12)

How about a Valentine gift that utilizes all the five senses? Basically, this romantic gift set consists of 5 items for each sense; touch, sound, smell, sight, and taste.

Does your boyfriend love bacon? If so, cook some bacon slices and wrap them, then have him guess what the gift is from the smell- eyes closed.

For the sense of sound and sight, you can have them guess the name of a movie from a short audio and video clip respectively.

12. Heart-Shaped Tea Bags

20 Valentine's DIY Gift Ideas for Boyfriend (13)

Whats his favorite tea flavor, is it mint, chocolate, cinnamon, or spiced?

To make this a Valentine Day gift to remember, shape a few filters into heart shapes. Next, fill the bags with tea and using a needle and thread sew them to get the perfect heart tea bag.

The gift ensures that every time your boyfriend decides to tea and chill, they will be thinking of you.

13. Valentine Day Candy Wrapper

20 Valentine's DIY Gift Ideas for Boyfriend (14)

Candy is a great Valentine gift for everyone. By adding an intimate detail, you can make the candy thoughtful and special.

A simple way to create the gift is by wrapping the candy in customized printable paper. The wrapper needs to be Valentine-themed using hearts, heartfelt messages, and the sender’s name.

14. DIY Love Potion Tumbler

20 Valentine's DIY Gift Ideas for Boyfriend (15)

With just a simple paper strip, you can add mysticism to a tumbler by making its content a love potion.

The best part is that you don’t need to be a Wicca practitioner to create this Valentine gift for your boyfriend.

To create this notoriously gothic gift, get a travel-size stainless tumbler and affix a printed love potion sticker on the body.

To channel magic to each drink, include some skulls, black roses, and other Gothic symbols on the label.

15. Valentine Day Playing Cards

20 Valentine's DIY Gift Ideas for Boyfriend (16)

A deck of playing cards provides one of the best customizable gifts for Valentine presents for a boyfriend. Most importantly, it’s completely up to you what to print on the different cards.

You get 52 cards to print your memories and playful texts.

Each card also comes in a suit of either Spades, Hearts, Clubs, or Diamonds. This allows you to have 4 themes across the cards.

For example, you can print your pics on Clubs and love sayings on Hearts, and so on.

Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts For Boyfriend

Your Valentine expects a romantic gift from you; February 14 after all is a day of romance. To really touch their heart, your boyfriend expects a gift full of intrigue, charm, and glamour. So, what are the most romantic gifts for your Valentine? Here are some gift ideas to try:

16. Handmade Text Message Book

20 Valentine's DIY Gift Ideas for Boyfriend (17)

Basically, your BF expects to receive something romantic from you on Valentine. One such gift is a reminder of all your sweet exchanges over the years.

A simple notebook with printouts of your text messages will do the trick. Go for the cheesy texts and include romantic art around the messages.

To ensure durability, use a thick binder cover to hold together the various pages.

17. DIY Romantic Playlist

20 Valentine's DIY Gift Ideas for Boyfriend (18)

What’s your boyfriend’s favorite song? Find out and include it in a playlist prepared just for him.

Let the list, from one end to the other, reflect his taste in music. For a great romantic gesture, you can also include some songs with deep meaning for both of you.

For example, you can include the song that was on when you had your first date as a couple.

18. Custom Keychain for Boyfriend

20 Valentine's DIY Gift Ideas for Boyfriend (19)

A stylish keychain is a fashionable gift for your BF on February 14. Further, if you are skilled in metal and leather work, this is a gift that you can make from home.

Keychains also happen to be some of the most profitable homemade crafts to sell online. This means you can get custom keychains on sites such as Etsy and the FB Marketplace.

The item can feature an engraving of his name or a forever message from your heart.

19. Couple’s Matching Jewelry

20 Valentine's DIY Gift Ideas for Boyfriend (20)

Rings, necklaces, and bracelets are some of the all-time gifts for people in love. Getting a pair that matches or fits into each other helps in making the gift stand out.

I also love the idea since you can experiment with different shapes to create a matching piece. Popular couple pieces include maps, hearts, lock and key, hugging pets, and musical notes.

To further personalize the gift you can engrave your names or dates that are special to you.

20. Heart Photo Collage

20 Valentine's DIY Gift Ideas for Boyfriend (21)

A photo collage shaped into a heart is another romantic Valentine Day gift. The gift is made using photos of unforgettable moments arranged to form a heart shape.

The printing work requires a paperboard and the use of software like Canva to resize the different photos to fit the frame.

You can also add a love message at the center of the collage as well as affix fairly LED lights around the heart.

20 Valentine's DIY Gift Ideas for Boyfriend (22)

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20 Valentine's DIY Gift Ideas for Boyfriend (2024)


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