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Inukimi had never met her mate’s second son. She often wondered about him as she guarded the medio stone. She hadn’t hated Izayoi as many assumed. She’d been rather indifferent to the human woman who captured Toga’s attention at first. That changed when she learned that Izayoi was pregnant. Despite Sesshoumaru’s obvious jealousy of the new pup, Inukimi had always hoped that she would be able to help nurture the demonic half of the soon to be hanyou, and had hoped that Izayoi would bring her son so that they could work together to help young Inuyasha to understand both his halves. After Toga’s death, Izayoi disappeared into the human world, and as Inukimi was bound to stay close to her lands to protect her palace, the only chance she had of safely reaching out to the boy was through Sesshoumaru. Her eldest had been so stubborn. But even these many years later, she had not quite given up her plans to help raise her step-son into the powerful dog demon that he could be.

News of the evil hanyou Naraku and his defeat had traveled far. Inukimi knew that Sesshoumaru had worked alongside Inuyasha, and had departed from him, if not with fondness, then at least some newfound respect.

She also knew that Sesshoumaru had left his little human ward in the territory that Inuyasha was rumored to protect. Inukimi had been surprised when Sesshoumaru brought the human girl with him, and had been secretly delighted in the compassion that Sesshoumaru had shown towards her life. The fact that Sesshoumaru had all but entrusted Inuyasha to keep her safe in his absence was also telling. Sesshoumaru had finally started to warm up to his younger brother, and Inukimi was determined to take this opportunity to right the wrongs that had been going on for so many years.

Inukimi sent a messenger from her palace to send for Sesshoumaru. She didn’t call for him often, knowing that it made him feel stifled, like a newborn pup being dragged back by the scruff of his neck. But she was tired of waiting for him to come to her of his own accord.

Sesshoumaru was such a stubborn pup. Though he was already as powerful as his father had been before him, he was not as old as he acted. Inukimi knew that he avoided visiting her because he did not want to give her the opportunity to mother him any longer. Inukimi tried her best to treat him like an adult when he did come by, but he was still so young, and her instinct to nurture him was strong. Still, Sesshoumaru was growing well in his travels, and she was proud of the young demon lord that he was becoming.

He answered her summons, carrying himself as tall and stoically as ever, thankfully without his vassal Jaken at his side. Inukimi restrained her reaction to seeing her first born merely bowing her head in return to his respectful greeting.

“Sesshoumaru,” she said. “How are you, my son? How are your travels?”

“They are well,” he said simply. “For what purpose have you summoned me here?”

Inukimi held back a sigh. Her son was always so serious! It made her want to smile at her cute pup and pull her hair with frustration at the same time. “Its been several years since your last visit, and rumors of your success in the battle against Naraku have swept through and already become old news. I wanted to see you to congratulate you on your victory.”

Sesshoumaru said nothing, bowing his head slightly in acknowledgement of her praise. But his eyes were still narrowed in a way that showed that he felt this summons was unnecessary.

“Besides,” Inukimi continued, ignoring her son’s look. “I’ve missed you. I would have come to you myself so as not to divert your path, but alas,” she gestured a bit dramatically with both hands, “I am unable to travel far and my lands so unprotected.”

Sesshoumaru’s face softened slightly, to Inukimi’s inner delight. This is why she was glad that the imp had not accompanied him, Sesshoumaru would never let his guard down in front of anyone other than her. “I’ve missed you too, mother,” Sesshoumaru said.

Inukimi finally allowed herself to smile at this. “I’ve heard that you brought your ward to a human village. Do you still see her?”

“Rin is well,” Sesshoumaru said slowly. “On occasion my travels take me through the village where she is training to become a healer. She needed to be raised among her own kind.”

Inukimi bowed her head in understanding. “You are wise, my son. Though it is obvious how much she adores you, the humans will be able to teach her things about herself that only humans can understand.”

Sesshoumaru nodded as he looked away, though Inukimi could see a distant look in his eyes.

“You have done well by her,” she continued softly, aware that her son was saddened by the separation, but that he wouldn’t appreciate her stating it. She sighed again. “It is the same for all creatures. I often worry about your younger brother.”

Sesshoumaru's eyes flicked back to his mother, narrowing again. “Inuyasha? He has always surrounded himself with humans. He is half human.”

“Yes,” she agreed lightly, “but only half. It is important for him to understand that side of himself, but it is just as important that he connects to his yokai half.”

“Why are you suddenly interested in my father’s bastard son?” Sesshoumaru said, though his voice wasn’t as bitter as it used to be whenever the hanyou was brought up.

“I have always been interested,” she said, “and please, my son. Do not refer to him so. Your father gave his life to save Inuyasha, and the human princess Izayoi was devoted to Toga and their child. She was respectful and strong willed, I wished that I had more of a chance to know her.”

Sesshoumaru’s face showed his surprise. “You met Inuyasha’s human mother? You said you hated her.”

“I said no such thing,” Inukimi said, folding her arms. “It is true that I had no interest in her when Toga first met her, but when they discovered that she was with child, your father once snuck her away from her home to meet me.” Inukimi remembered how the young human glowed with excitement when Toga brought her to the western palace. Both Toga and Inukimi had wanted Izayoi to stay in the palace throughout her pregnancy, the moment Inukimi learned that a pup was on the way, she had been eager to have another newborn pup running around the palace like Sesshoumaru had once done. But Izayoi did not want to leave her human family behind, and was anxious to return before anyone discovered her missing. “After Toga had taken her back to her home, I began to plan how she and I could work together to raise Inuyasha so that he would know both halves of himself equally. But before I could speak with Izayoi again, everything went wrong.”

Sesshoumaru was silent for a moment, and Inukimi could see him working through a myriad of thoughts. “I had no idea you were so complacent with father’s infidelity.”

Inukimi could not hold back a short laugh at this and Sesshoumaru’s eyes raised at her reaction. “Infidelity… my son, your father and I loved each other, but more so we respected each other. Toga was loyal, but he was also wild. I knew this about him just as he knew about my desire to have a child to raise and teach. When we decided to have a child together, we both knew that I would not be his only love. No, I was unbothered by any relationships he pursued outside of our own. Izayoi was just the first one that he truly loved, and the only one who I respected. I was excited to help her raise Inuyasha.”

“Why did you not tell me this?”

“Would you have listened?” Inukimi countered, but not unkindly. “You were grieving as I was, but in your grief you placed your negative emotions on your brother. You needed time and room to find your own peace. That is why I have tried so hard not to interfere with your plans these past years.”

Sesshoumaru was quiet again, but he looked less troubled. Inukimi gave her son a moment, and eventually he moved to sit on the step next to her throne.

“Have you seen Inuyasha recently?” she asked carefully. “How is the pup fairing after the battle with Naraku?”

“He protects the village where Rin now lives,” Sesshoumaru answers. “The strange priestess he traveled with has returned to her homeland, though he continues to wait in case she were ever to return.”

Inukimi felt a sort of ache for the pup. He had already lost his father and mother. He’d found other connections with humans it seemed, but now he was by himself again, waiting for someone so that he would no longer be alone.

“How is his yokai form? I heard tales that he has mastered the Tessaiga, but I heard nothing about his true form. Is his fur as white as yours? Has it grown, or is he still too small to use it in battle?”

Sesshoumaru looked at his mother in confusion. “Inuyasha is not able to transform, he is hanyou.”

Inukimi felt as though her blood had turned to ice in her veins. “What?” she managed, incredulous. “He… he hasn’t transformed into his dog at all?

Sesshoumaru was visibly alarmed at his mother’s reaction. “The only transformation Inuyasha is capable of is when he feels his life is truly in danger. Then father’s blood overpowers him, driving him mad. Only the Tessaiga can return him to himself.” Sesshoumaru paused. “That is because he is only half demon, isn’t it?”

Inukimi’s heart began to break again. “Oh… oh of course he’s never been able to transform. He had no one to teach him, care for him…” she stood up and began to pace. “He is the son of one of the most powerful inu youkai to have ever lived, of course he should be able to transform! His human blood is not enough to rob him of that.”

Inukumi turned back to her son. “Sesshoumaru. I know you have no love for Inuyasha, but please bring him to me. He is still only a pup. If he continues to grow without understanding his yokai side, he may be lost and overwhelmed by it later. I may still be able to help him. Please bring me my beloved’s second son!”

Five years without Kagome.

It felt like a blink of an eye some moments, and an eternity others.

Inuyasha lay across a tree branch overlooking the bone eaters well, staring at the broken portal with half lidded eyes. He didn’t really believe she would be able to return anymore. He’d hoped for a while, but as months turned into a year, and a year into five, he finally had accepted that she would never be able to return.

But still, he couldn’t bring himself to leave.

Everyone else had, well. Except for Rin and Kaede. Sango and Miroku had gotten married and moved back to Sango’s village. They visited each other, but recently it had become harder for Inuyasha to see them. Miroku had a few gray hairs now on his head, and Sango no longer hunted demons, leaving Kohaku to do the work as she and Miroku raised their children. His friends were getting older, and yet Inuyasha remained the same. He felt like a child compared to his friends, and it hurt to be around them, to be reminded that they were moving on and that he was still waiting. Even Shippo had moved on, pursuing his training, and Inuyasha only saw the kit once or twice in the past year.

Rin was growing up, Kaede was training her to be a healer, and she was enjoying it immensely. Rin had turned from a little girl into a young woman, and the girl he’d come to think of as a little sister when she had first been left by Sesshoumaru in the village was now close to passing him in age, at least by appearance. Soon she too would be an adult, and Inuyasha would be the same.

Inuyasha shook his head a little. It did him no good to wallow in self-pity. He’d been alone before, after his mother died. He survived being alone for most of his life, he would be able to do it again, when all his friends aged and left him like his mother.

He just… didn’t want to have to be alone.

A familiar scent tickled Inuyasha’s nose, carried by the soft breeze. Sesshoumaru, probably here to visit Rin. Although, had he just visited her not too long ago? It was normally months in between visits.

Then Inuyasha noticed, Sesshoumaru’s scent was getting stronger. He wasn’t headed towards the village, he was headed here.

Inuyasha sat up and leapt down from the tree as Sesshoumaru entered the clearing.

“Inuyasha,” Sesshoumaru said in lieu of a normal greeting. Inuyasha noticed right away that Sesshoumaru was staring at him oddly.

“Rin’s probably down in her hut this time of day,” Inuyasha said. “Why did you come here?”

“I am here for you today, not Rin,” he said, and Inuyasha fought the urge to reach for Tessaiga.

It had been 5 years since Sesshoumaru had shown any interest in killing him, but that didn’t mean that Inuyasha had let his guard down.

Sesshoumaru seemed to have noticed that Inuyasha’s hand had twitched towards his sword. “I am not here to fight either,” he said. “I came seeking information, and to bear you a message.”

Inuyasha’s eyebrow raised. “Okay… what is it you want to know?”

Sesshoumaru paused for a moment, eyes looking Inuyasha up and down. “Have you ever transformed into your yokai form?”

Inuyasha stared back at Sesshoumaru, feeling dumbfounded. “Uh, yes? You’ve seen me lose control several times. You’ve even stopped me before.”

“Not in that way,” Sesshoumaru said impatiently. “That is when your demon blood overpowers your human half. You are half dog demon. I am asking if you are able to transform into your dog, your yokai form.”

My what?’ Inuyasha thought to himself, more confused than ever. “You mean, like how you can turn into a mutt whenever you want? Of course I haven’t. I don’t even know if I’d know how.”

Sesshoumaru looked resigned at Inuyasha’s answer, and Inuyasha saw him take a deep breath. “Either way, I have a message for you from my mother. An invitation to her home at the western palace.”

Inuyasha felt his jaw drop a little. “Your…mom? I didn’t know you had a mom. I mean…I didn’t know your mother was still alive.” Sesshoumaru didn’t scoff at Inuyasha’s slip, he didn’t say anything at all. “What in the world does your mother want with me?”

“She would like to meet you,” Sesshoumaru said slowly, as if he was choosing his words carefully. “She informed me that she has wanted to meet you for many years, but because she is unable to stray far from her palace, she has been unable to look for you.”

That didn’t make any sense to Inuyasha. “So, what? You want me to go with you to meet your mom? How do I know she doesn’t want to kill me for being our father’s bastard?”

Sesshoumaru winced, well, it was more that his eye twitched, but Inuyasha was still surprised to see any reaction on Sesshoumaru’s usually impassive face. “She has no ill will towards you, I give you my word.” Sesshoumaru paused again, and Inuyasha got the sense that he was picking his words very carefully again. “She told me that she met your mother Izayoi when she discovered her pregnancy. She had always intended on helping Izayoi by teaching you about your demonic half, but she was unable to after our father was killed.”

Inuyasha’s mind was racing. He didn’t know whether to believe Sesshoumaru or not. In the past, Sesshoumaru had used Inuyasha’s mother to manipulate him, but that plan had originate from Jaken. And it had been a long time now since Sesshoumaru showed any hatred towards him. He’d been mostly indifferent to Inuyasha’s presence whenever he’d come to visit Rin, but he’d exchanged the occasional word with Inuyasha about his former wards wellbeing whenever it was needed. And though Sesshoumaru had never voiced any thanks to Inuyasha for helping her integrate into the human village, Inuyasha had always felt that Sesshoumaru had at least appreciated his help.

Sesshoumaru sighed, bringing Inuyasha’s attention to him once again. “I swear to you on our father’s memory. Neither I nor my mother wish you any harm. My mother simply wishes to meet you and to offer you her guidance, if you will allow it. Besides, Rin would never forgive me if I tricked you into any harm."

Inuyasha finally believed Sesshoumaru, knowing that his brother would never use their father as a way of lying, or at the very least, wouldn’t risk upsetting Rin so much.

“Alright fine… but I need to let Kaede know that I’ll be going in case they think I’ve just abandoned them.”

Sesshoumaru nodded, crossing to sit against the frame of the bone eater’s well. “I shall wait for you here to escort you to the western palace.

The western palace was bigger than Inuyasha could have possibly imagined.

Inuyasha had felt very awkward when Sesshoumaru revealed that it was in the sky, and that the only way to reach it was to be carried by his yokai form. Inuyasha wasted no time jumping down from Sesshoumaru’s back once they’d landed, but as Sesshoumaru reverted back to his more human-like form, Inuyasha wished he hadn’t been so hasty.

Before him stood a large ornate throne, and there sat an otherworldly woman who could only be Sesshoumaru’s mother. Her hair was silver and silken like Sesshoumaru’s, and her face bore similar markings to that of her son’s as well.

The woman stood, trailing exquisit blue sleeves behind her as she walked towards him, and Inuyasha fought the urge to take a step back.

“Oh, it's you, Inuyasha,” the woman said, a smile growing on her face. She walked right up to him, lifting her hand gently to the side of Inuyasha’s face, making Inuyasha swallow uncomfortably at her familiar touch. “I have wanted to meet you for so long…”

Tears were gathering in the womans eyes, and Inuyasha looked over towards Sesshoumaru in alarm, but the demon said nothing to help. “Uh… its… nice to meet you too. You’re Sesshoumaru’s mom?”

“I am,” the Lady said, and to Inuyasha’s relief she took her hand away to brush the moisture from her own eyes. “I am Inukimi, your father Toga’s first mate and the Lady of the Western Palace. Sesshoumaru my son, thank you for bringing your brother here.”

Sesshoumaru bowed his head slightly. “It is as you said, mother. Inuyasha is not in touch with his yokai form.”

A look of heartbreak flashed across Inukimi’s face, and she took a deep breath. “Inuyasha, I must apologize to you.”

“What for?” Inuyasha said.

She smiled again, but there was sadness in her eyes. “I once met your mother Izayoi. Just after she and Toga learned that she was pregnant with you. I had intended on befriending her so that I could offer my help in connecting you to your demonic half, but that never came to be.”

“You… actually liked my mom?” Inuyasha said incredulously. Sure Sesshoumaru had said almost as much already, but to hear it from the woman herself still felt shocking. “I mean, she was wonderful. But I just figured…”

“I was as excited for your birth as both of your parents,” she said kindly. “I just wish… if I had realized how much you would be separated from your demonic heritage, I would have done more to reach you sooner.”

Inuyasha felt his heart twisting in his chest. He wasn’t used to people, especially demons giving a damn about him. Even though his found family with Kagome and the rest had helped, it was still very different to be so openly accepted by an adult, full yokai. “Yeah well, I turned out okay, its really no big deal.”

“Oh sweet child, but it is,” Inukimi said, and Inuyasha was horrified to see that she was tearing up again. “To have never experienced your true form, you have been denied a piece of your power that you can only imagine.”

Inuyasha was quiet for a moment. “Are you sure I’m even capable of…transforming like Sesshoumaru can? I’m hanyou, and my human blood gets overpowered by my demon half sometimes.”

“That wouldn’t be the case if you’d had someone to teach you how to connect with your demon half,” Inukimi said, without any doubt in her voice. “Toga intended the Tessaiga to help you keep the balance, but you would not be nearly so overwhelmed by your demon half if you had more understanding of it. But…” she paused, waving her hand. “It does us no good to dwell on things that should or could have been. Now you are here, and I want to offer you my assistance in achieving your true form.”

Inuyasha was stunned again. “Really? You still want to help me? I mean… I’ve fought so much with your son. I cut his arm off once! Even though it grew back…” Inuyasha shut his mouth, realizing he was starting to babble. Why the hell was he trying to convince this yokai to hate him? He wanted her help, he wanted to feel more control over his demonic half.

Inukimi laughed lightly, catching Inuyasha off guard yet again. “I know very well how Sesshoumaru felt about you in the past. But as I said, the past is the past, and this is now.” She turned to Sesshoumaru. “My son, do you hate Inuyasha for your past fights?”

Sesshoumaru shook his head. “No. Inuyasha returned only what was thrown against him.”

“And do you feel that Inuyasha deserves to know the part of him inherited from your father?” Inukimi continued.

“I do,” Sesshoumaru said, to Inuyasha’s surprise. “He has proven himself worthy of respect. Worthy of father’s blood.”

Inukimi nodded in satisfaction. “You see? You can trust me, young Inuyasha. You are the son of the demon I loved, and a human who I respected. I want to help you achieve the greatness that you are capable of. Will you allow me to?

Inuyasha couldn’t believe what he was hearing. How long had he craved this sort of acceptance? From his brother…from anyone. He felt tightness in his chest, but still there was uncertainty crowding his mind. Still, who else could possibly offer him more help than this? And what else was holding him back? Kagome was gone, his friends moving on with their lives. If he said no, he would be back to where he was. Alone and without a place in the world to belong.

Inuyasha inhaled deeply, weighing his mistrust with his hope. Finally he looked between Sesshoumaru and his mother, his eyes settling on Inukimi’s. “I will.”

Despite himself, Inuyasha had a creeping sense of doom as Inukimi led him through the inside of the western palace.

Upon giving his verbal acceptance, Inukimi had taken Inuyasha by the hand and begun to lead him through the winding hallways of her palace, Sesshoumaru following behind them.

‘Like a guard dog,’ Inuyasha thought to himself, warily.

“The process of connecting with your true form is normally done when a demon is much younger and much more reliant on their sire’s care,” Inukimi was explaining as she led him through what felt like miles of passageways. Inuyasha was trying to pay attention to her, but he was also trying to memorize their path in case he needed to flee. Unfortunately, he already felt very lost.

“In order for you to connect to your yokai form, we must recreate the environment in which you should have been connected with it. Your human half has grown and matured, but because it has been neglected, your demon half may be quite juvenile still.”

“And…how are we going to do that?” Inuyasha said warily, that sense of doom growing once again.

“I’ll need to teach you as I would have done when you were much younger,” Inukimi said simply. “Here we are! Let me show you where we will be staying.”

Inukimi led Inuyasha into a large room with a ceiling that was several stories high. Inuyasha’s head had to tilt back to even see the top. The room was made of white stone as the rest of the palace, with several large red pillars along the walls and in the corners. A pool of steaming water in the middle of the room that trickled in from a small opening in the ceiling, and against the far wall lay what looked like a mountain of furs and soft materials.

‘Like a nest…’ Inuyasha thought to himself.

Behind him, he heard the doors shut. Inuyasha tried to turn himself around, but Inukimi was still dragging him by his hand towards the furs. She led him to stand on a soft matt on the floor, and Inuyasha saw covered baskets sitting next to it.

Inukimi put her hands on Inuyasha’s shoulders, her grip firm. “This may be difficult for you, but you will need to allow me complete control over your needs.”

Inuyasha stared at her, his stomach sinking. “W-what does that mean?”

Inukimi took a deep breath, and motioned Inuyasha to sit with her. He didn’t particularly want to, he was feeling more and more like he should run while he had the chance. But he allowed her to guide him into a seated position as she knelt down in front of him.

“It means that you must allow me to care for you in every way possible,” she said simply. “When you are hungry, I will feed you. When you need sleep, I will provide a safe and comfortable place to rest. When you are dirty, I will clean you, and when you are cold I shall provide you with warmth and comfort.”

Inuyasha’s heart was beating very quickly now. Feed him? Clean him? What on earth had he gotten himself into?

“I…I really don’t think,” Inuyasha started, but Inukimi hushed him gently.

“We will begin now, pup. You have nothing to fear. I am going to undress you now.”

Inuyasha realized, much too late, that he was in way over his head.

“This will require you to put enormous trust in me, Inuyasha,” she said, and Inuyasha’s heart felt like it was trying to escape his chest. He didn’t trust this woman, not entirely. He still had no idea how he’d ended up in this situation. He just wanted to learn more about himself! He hadn’t wanted to be put completely at another’s mercy!

Inukimi began to undress him, starting with his haori. She was moving slowly, but still his heart was racing faster and faster. She lifted the kotodama beads from around his neck with no resistance from the subjugation spell. Inuyasha was floored, but he had no time to even process the implications of the removal. When she reached to remove his hakama, he flinched and grabbed the waist of his pants, attempting to hold them up.

The female demon’s hands moved to cover his own. “It’s alright pup, just let me take care of you,” she smiled softly. She began moving his hands away. She removed both layers of his clothing in one fluid motion, and suddenly Inuyasha was bare before her as she gently pushed his chest to lay him down on the matt.

He could feel redness in his cheeks, unsure what was going to happen next. Then from inside the covered baskets, Inukimi pulled out a folded garment that she began to unwrap.

Inuyasha stared in horror at the familiarly shaped piece of white terry cloth. He’d seen Sango and Miroku use them for their children too many times to not recognize immediately what Inukimi intended to put on him.

Inuyasha began to struggle to sit up, but Inukimi spoke quickly. “Sesshoumaru, help me keep your brother calm.”

Suddenly Sesshoumaru was there above him, his hands wrapped like shackles around Inuyasha’s wrists, keeping him pinned down to the soft mat. “Be still, little brother. Mother is doing this to help you.”

Inuyasha felt hot with mortification. He’d been so overwhelmed by everything else, that he hadn’t realized Sesshoumaru was still close by. Inuyasha screwed his eyes up, unable to watch as Inukimi maneuvered him, expertly wrapping his lower half in a cloth diaper. Inuyasha could have tried to kick to stop her, but he didn’t want to actually hit the female demon. He also had the feeling that the longer he resisted, the worse this might get. Sesshoumaru was already pinning down his arms, he didn’t want Sesshoumaru any more involved than this!

When she was finished, Inuyasha could feel a wax-like texture against his thighs from the outside of the diaper. Sesshoumaru released his arms, and Inuyash scrambled to sit himself up, only to find Inukimi’s silken sleeves wrapping around him, pulling him around so that his back was pressed against her.

“I’m sorry puppy,” she whispered gently. “I know this is hard for you to give up so much control. You have been so strong and cared for yourself for so long. But I promise you this is necessary in order to nurture your youkai.”

Inuyasha’s hands were fisted into the material circling around his waist and chest. He was fighting a lump in his throat, he couldn’t help but remember how his mother used to hold him like this when he was still very small. He didn’t trust himself to speak.

“You will emerge from this in full touch with your youkai transformation,” Inukimi continued softly, “as you always should have been. A missing part of your heritage finally returned to you. And you will be stronger than ever before.”

From the corner of his eyes, he could see Sesshoumaru watching them, but Inuyasha didn’t have the chance to decipher the look in his eyes as he felt Inukimi begin to shift behind him.

White fur began to appear where skin had once been, and suddenly Inuyasha was sitting between the paws of an enormous dog. His heart was beating fast once again, but Inuyasha had no time to react as Inukimi scooped him up between dangerous looking teeth. He yelped and tried to struggle free to avoid being eaten, when he heard Inukimi’s voice in his mind.

“Ease puppy, I have you…”

Inuyasha was lifted into the air, cradled gently in the youkai’s mouth. She carried him over towards the giant nest of furs and blankets that he’d seen before. Once she’d climbed in, she settled down, placing Inuyasha down between her front paws. Before Inuyasha could push himself to his feet, he felt something large, hot, and wet, moving up his back, gently knocking him back to his knees. The enormous thing returned, further pushing him down onto his side, and Inuyasha realized that it was Inukimi’s tongue.

She was licking him all over, from head to toe, cleaning him like a newborn pup, and Inuyasha could only turn his head away, trying to keep her from reaching his face. The demon was unperturbed however, and easily cleaned his face along with the rest of him.

Once she seemed satisfied, Inuyasha felt himself being dragged closer to her chest by her front paw, and she laid her head next to him, keeping him pinned there, surrounded by her fur.

“Let us rest, now,” Inuyasha heard her voice again. “I know this has been an overwhelming day.”

Inuyasha tried for a moment to wriggle away, but it was no use. As much as he hated to admit it, he was exhausted from the many twists this day had taken. He finally slumped down, his head resting on Inukimi’s leg.

“That’s it, sweet boy,” her voice was even softer now. “I know that Izayoi was a wonderful human mother to you, and I do not intend to replace her in your heart. But I hope you will come to accept me as a second mother. I will take care of you, my second-son.”

Inuyasha felt a sob catch in his throat, but didn’t allow it to escape as he fell unconscious in the demon mother’s clutches.

Beginning Again - Chapter 1 - Dawne_Diely - InuYasha (2024)


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