Free Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages and Valentine's Day Cards Printables for Kids (2024)

Looking for printable Valentine’s Day coloring pages, word searches, and ideas for easy Valentine's Day cards kids can make?

Valentine's Day is all about sharing the love! It's a perfect time for crafting and creating, when you have perhaps dozens of Valentine's Day cards to make for family members and the whole class. We've rounded up loads of free Valentine's Day coloring pages and free printable Valentine's Day word searches, which can double as cards.

For bigger gestures, we've also got 5 easy Valentine's Day card ideas kids can make for everyone they know—all of which are made with things you can pick up at the last minute at any local craft store or even big box store, or even pharmacy.

For more sweet crafts and treats, check out our Valentine's Day Guide to Crafts, Activities, and Snacks for Kids.

Free Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages and Valentine's Day Cards Printables for Kids (1)

Mommy Poppins has a whole slew of Valentine's Day printable coloring pages for you to download.

Valentine's Day Coloring Pages

We created these simple Valentine's Day coloring pages for you to download, print, and use as a fun afternoon activity or as the basis for hand-colored Valentine's Day cards for family and friends! Simply click on the coloring page you wish to print, and a downloadable version will open in a new window.

1. Bee Mine Coloring Page

2. Love is Love Coloring Page

3. Owl Always Love You Coloring Page

4. Love You to the Moon Coloring Page

5. Luv U a Bot Coloring Page

6. U R Purrrfect Coloring Page

7. Mom Coloring Page

8. Dad Coloring Page

9. Happy Valentine's Day Coloring Page

10. LOVE Coloring Page

11. I Love... Coloring Page

12. What I Love About You Coloring Page

13. Yay Coloring Pages

Our friends at Yay Coloring Pages have created even more Valentine's Day coloring pages you can download and color for free.

Looking to move beyond just Valentine's Day coloring pages? We've got hundreds more free coloring pages for kids here.

Free Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages and Valentine's Day Cards Printables for Kids (2)

Melt down your old crayons, print out our card, and viola! Photo by Ally Noel for Mommy Poppins

Easy Valentine's Day Cards for Kids

14. Color Your Heart Out

Turn all those random pieces of multicolored crayons into a colorful Valentine for your loved ones. You can use heart-shaped molds to turn these recycled crayons into beautiful valentines. Add a cute tag and you are good to go! Here's our free printable of tags you can use to make these coloring cards for the whole class.

15. Will You Be My Valenslime

Add a touch of red and a little bit of sparkles (aka glitter) to any slime recipe and whip up a big batch for your class. We packaged it up in condiment containers and sealed the containers with a custom sticker.Here's our custom sticker you can use to make these valenslime cards for the whole class.

16. You're A True Gem

Any kid knows that a good classroom Valentine is all about a good pun and the candy. Add this sweet card to a ring pop and you will be a hit with the entire class. Download our free printable template for making these cards!

17. You Warm My Heart

Valentine's Day is all about chocolate. Attach this tag to a packet of hot cocoa and soak in all the warm and cozy vibes: download a printable page of tags right here.

18. You Make My Heart Bounce

No candy allowed in school? No problem! These bouncy ball valentines will do just the trick. We love thisValentine-themed pack and a punny tag. This page of punny tags is free to download.

Plus, we've got 20 Valentine's Day Crafts and Recipes to Love Bomb Your Kids!

Printable Valentine's Day Word Searches

19. 7 Free Printable Valentine Word Searches from Everyday Chaos + Calm

Pick your favorite, from heart-shaped to candy-themed.

20. Teddy Bear Valentine Word Search by Big Activities

This is the perfect starter word search puzzle.

21. Easy Printable Valentine Word Search from Kids Activity Blog

With only 12 words to find, this one isn't too daunting!

22. Easy, Medium, and Hard Valentine Printable Word Searches from Homemade Gifts Made Easy

Pick the right level for your kiddo. Plus, this website has the solutions available, if you can't find one of the words!

23. Artsy-Fartsy Mama's Valentine Word Search

This one is pretty darn cute!

24. The Biggest Valentine Printable Word Search's word search is the biggest kid-friendly one we could find, if you've got a little word nerd.

25. Make Your Own Valentine Word Search with Super Teacher Worksheets

This site has an amazing free custom word search tool that you can use to make your very own word search printable. Use your kid's names and things you all love in a custom Valentine's Day word search!

Once Cupid has flown away, we've got more Printable Word Puzzles for Kids for every day.

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Free Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages and Valentine's Day Cards Printables for Kids (2024)


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