Supernatural Tattoos Meaning, Design & Ideas (2024)

There are a lot of people who love the Supernatural television series, so it’s not too surprising at all that Supernatural tattoos are pretty popular. Unlike other TV series-inspired tattoos, though, Supernatural has quite a few legitimately cool designs to choose from.

On this page, we will take a look at some of those designs and we’ll go over who these Supernatural tattoos are for and who shouldn’t get them.

Easily the most common Supernatural tattoo picked from the bunch is the anti-possession tattoo. The truth is that most people get their anti-possession tattoos simply because they are the most recognizable symbols from the show. However, others take it a step further by using the meaning that is attached to those symbols. Some people see anything that stands in their way of moving forward in life as their “demons,” so they use the tattoo to motivate themselves not to be derailed.

Another very popular Supernatural tattoo design is the Angel’s Ward tattoo. In the show, the main characters will use this symbol to keep the bad angels away from them as most angels are seen as offering more bad than good to the brothers. Once again, this is a symbol to use to show your love for the show rather than using the meanings that they use in Supernatural.

One Supernatural tattoo design that has an interesting meaning in the show is the Tree of Pain. When a demon is able to put this mark on someone, it means that they probably won’t be alive much longer since it is basically a mark of death. Some folks might actually like this meaning and might use it as a tool to do more with the days that they have left in their lives.

Those who want to get a symbol that represents their fight against all things evil might opt to get Ruby’s knife as their Supernatural tattoo. In the show the knife has the ability to kill just about any demon, so it works well with this meaning. This is a great option for anyone who is already interested in getting a knife tattoo.

People who are absolutely in love with the show will often get a Dean Winchester Supernatural tattoo. Played by actor Jensen Ackles, this is the most loved character in the series, particularly by female fans of the show. Be warned, though, that this tattoo, like all other portrait tattoos, can cost quite a bit of money since the artist will have to do a lot of detailing work to make it look as realistic as possible.

While not quite as popular as his brother, Sam Winchester does also have quite a few fans so some will opt to get him included in their Supernatural tattoos. If you opt to get a tattoo of Sam or any other character, it’s a good idea to get a portrait of him from a specific scene you like to make it as unique and as special as possible.

People who do not want to choose one brother over the other might decide to get both of their faces or initials on their tattoos. This can work quite well combined with some of the other Supernatural tattoos that we mentioned earlier. Just be sure to take your time to come up with a design that can work wherever you want to place it.

If you want to get a more detailed Supernatural tattoo but don’t want to get a character in your design, then you might like the idea of getting their car tattooed on your skin. That particular Chevrolet Impala has been there since the beginning of the show, so it’s no surprise that it has become such an iconic symbol for the series. Of course, this design makes even more sense if you happen to love the Impala anyway.

Those who are rabid fans of the show might decide to combine two or more of these Supernatural tattoos into one large design. For example, if you can’t decide between two or more symbols to get, then you can combine them into one big homage to the show. You could even put them on multiple parts of your body rather than keeping them together. If you’re sticking with Supernatural symbols, you could put one on one wrist and another on the other wrist.

Regardless of the Supernatural tattoos chosen, many people will choose to add a few more symbols to make the meaning of their tattoos clearer to outside observers. For example, those who want to get a portrait of one or more of the characters might add in some hearts. Since there are multiple images used in these tattoos, be sure to work with your artist to ensure that the entire tattoo looks good rather than focusing on each part individually.

Once you have come up with a Supernatural tattoo design that you like, then it comes time to figure out the best place to place it. Usually, you can figure this out simply by looking at the size of the design you’re looking at. Portraits usually look best on the back or high up on the arm, while symbols can be excellent forearm or wrist tattoos.

It is very important to keep in mind that while Supernatural tattoos might seem cool now, that doesn’t mean you’ll love them a decade or two from now. However, if the show has had a major impact on your life, chances are you won’t regret getting any of these designs. Just make sure you really think about it before committing to any of these designs.

As long as the creators of Supernatural continue to spurn out new material, there will be people who are interested in getting one of the many Supernatural tattoos out there. If you happen to think of yourself as one of the biggest Supernatural fans in the world, or the show simply has had a strong impact on your life, then definitely look into getting one of these fantastic Supernatural tattoos.

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Supernatural Tattoos Meaning, Design & Ideas (2024)


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