Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2024: The Best Silver Jewelry (2024)

Silver jewelry is trending this Valentine’s Day. Between 60 and 90 times less expensive than gold (Bullion by Post) and far more versatile, bright, white sterling silver is easy to style and lends itself best to clean, minimalist forms. These are the independent jewelry brands to look to, for gifts heart-shaped and otherwise this Valentine's Day, that score high on style without breaking the bank.

Silver heart earrings by Otiumberg

London-based Otiumberg’s jewels feel contemporary and easy, with custom chain links, subtle use of stones and a recent foray into SMO gold. So the heart motif is in good hands with this sister design duo, and these articulated silver drop earrings are anything but cutesy. A sophisticated way to wear your love.

Available at and in selected branches of Saks.

Silver Tie Mesh scarf necklace by Elsa Peretti for Tiffany & Co, on 1stDibs

A vintage jewelry gift feels particularly special for Valentine’s Day, and extra points for rooting out a 1970s jewelry classic like this one. The sterling silver woven chainlink necklace can be worn as a scarf or belt and drapes beautiful over the curves of the body.

Available on 1stDibs


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Mega Stone earrings by Eéra

Italian design duo Chiara Capitani and Romy Blanga’s industrial aesthetic is just what high-shine silver was looking for, and the pair have made a conscious move into more solid silver pieces recently. Inspired by a vintage snap hook, the Mega Stone earrings are cast in solid silver which gives a pleasing chunkiness to gently rounded angles.

Lips bracelet by Charlotte Chesnais

The organic forms and gentle waves of cult Parisian designer Charlotte Chesnais’ chic contemporary jewelry have won her legions of fans, and the generous undulations of the Lips bracelet makes for a perfectly sensual, minimalist jewelry gift for a loved one. Wear two together, and the lips appear to be kissing.

Large Concave Ring by James Colarusso

Chunky, solid and deeply personal, James Colarusso’s genderless jewelry is made in his Williamsburg studio. From intaglio pendants with universal symbols, to bold chains designed as heirloom treasures, his softly weathered jewels look like they have already been cherished by several generations. The Concave ring is one of his earliest pieces, ideal for a special but fuss-free way to say “I love you”.

Ruby heart stud, by The Ouze

A tiny treasure that bears the hand of its maker, this genderless ruby heart stud is handcrafted in Brighton, England in sterling silver and a 0,05ct round-cut lab-grown pink ruby. Scratches and imperfections make the piece personal, encouraging deeper connection with the jewel as a vehicle for sentiment. Wear singly or as a pair.

Available at

Identity Necklace II by J Hannah

With just the right volume and heft, this bright curb chain by J Hannah, purveyor of modern talismans designed to be worn on the daily, positively gleams on the skin. It’s part of the Identity Collection, a quietly sophisticated exploration of personal jewelry with minimalist detailing and as a Valentine’s Day gift, it makes a potent symbol of acceptance, of all that they are, and all that they will be.

Acanthus ring by Aymer Maria

For London-based jewelry designer Ruth Aymer of Aymer Maria, silver provides a “canvas for creative exploration” and helps her create pieces with “a unique character”. As part of a collection that draws on Ancient Greek and Roman architecture, the Acanthus ring makes an elegant style statement elevating the Acanthus leaf motif, which represents resilience and endurance in a celebration of a long and happy partnership.

Available online at Aymer Maria

Alexis cuff by JPX

Harder and more valuable than silver, with the bright appeal of platinum, JPX’s Alexis cuff is made from platinum silver, an unusual alloy that combines sterling silver with 6% platinum. Light hammering and contrasting gemstone end caps make this slim open bangle a precious piece, but it’s the creamy whiteness of the platinum that sets it apart — and like long-lasting love, it won’t tarnish.

Coeur Drapé Amor necklace by Annelise Michelson

For over 10 years, artist and designer Annelise Michelson has been designing the kind of eye-catching jewelry that has you asking the girl in the street where she shops. A focus on sculptural metal, cast from hand-carved wax, produces beautifully rendered curves and drapes, like the Coeur drapé (Draped Heart) necklace for a bold and non-kitschy Valentine’s Day statement.

The Monroe ring by Signe Particulier

Newcomer Signe Particulier is a silver specialist brand dreamt up by four Paris-based designers. Their four complementary design styles come together to create clean, sculptural pieces that blend modernity and expertise in Sterling+ recycled silver, with a higher silver content than most alloys, treated to prevent oxidation. Each piece is intended to carry the imprint of the wearer and in this ring, two lines unite and twist together around the finger, in a silver metaphor for love.

Kindness is Key pendant by Jessie VE

She has built her business around jewelry designed to carry feeling, with delicate gold and diamond constellation jewelry, lucky number pendants and braille rings. Now Jessie VE has the key to your heart, in this delicate, stylized key pendant. Designed to represent kindness and empathy, what more could you ask from your significant other? And even more perfectly, all profits from sales go to a mental health charity.

James Colarusso and J Hannah via Victoria Lampley Berens, Founder of The Stax. Look out for the SubStax newsletter, coming soon.

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2024: The Best Silver Jewelry (2024)


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